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Would you like to invest and enjoy great success without moving away from Europe or your home country? Andorra is one of the countries to choose. There are many advantages for companies. We can talk about the low tax rate, a crime rate close to 0, a stable living environment, a high quality of life and a geographical location favorable to its economy. Andorra is actually located between Spain and France. 

To create a company in Andorra, you must go through the registration process in the Registry of Companies. This process is required in order to obtain an identification number for your company. Once legally constituted, your company will be able to benefit from various advantages in terms of taxes and social security. 

What is the company register?

The company register is a database where all companies with a RCS number in a country are listed. It contains most of the legal information about the company. 

The interest of the company register 

intérêt du registre des sociétés

The company register contains all the legal information concerning the company to be created. This information will be made public and can be consulted by anyone. To incorporate a company in the Andorran Register of Companies, an identity document and an extract from the criminal record are among the documents required. 

Information contained in the Andorran company register 

Among the information that can be included in this register are: 

  • The address of your company's office or headquarters; 
  • Your main activity or services; 
  • The name of your company; 
  • The type of status; 
  • The amount of the share capital. 

The registration of your future Andorran company in the register of companies

Registration in the Companies Register is intended for all companies with a commercial purpose in the Principality. This will allow them to have a legal existence. 

Among the types of legal status that must go through this process, we can mention the : 

  • The Limited Company (SL) (or SLU if it is a one-person company);
  • The joint stock company (SA);
  • The Collective Company.
statuts andorrans

Andorran articles of association requiring registration in the company register

Concerning Andorra, you have the choice between 3 types of social and legal status to legally set up your company. We can talk about the Limited Company, similar to the SARL in France, whose required capital is at least 3,000 euros. There is also the Société Anonyme (limited company) where you will have to provide a minimum capital of 60,000 euros. There is also the Société Collective which is less common than the other two forms. These are the types of statutes that the Andorran Registry of Companies takes into account.

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Registre des sociétés

How does an application for registration with the Register of Companies work?

This step must be done with the notary in the Principality by means of a notarial deed. This is after the foreign investment file has been filed with the Andorran Government.

It should be noted that the immigration file for you and your family must be filed. You must actually apply for active residency to operate as a business in Andorra. Also, you must obtain a permit to establish your new company, which you will request from the municipality.

Put the chances on your side with the help of a Gestoria

To give shape to your business creation project in Andorra, entrust the application for investment authorization to our Gestoria. For your information, all applications for the registration of an Andorran company are made in Catalan.

By using our services, you will not only benefit from a tailor-made support in the registration process of your new company. We also assist you with your application for residency status and with your entire immigration file.

Among other important details of a business incorporation in Andorra, we cannot forget the opening of a bank account. Other documents may also be required, such as a tax return. That is why it is recommended to leave all the procedures to a Gestoria. It will not fail to put you in touch with the partners concerned, such as the notary.

Our Gestoria is not only available for the registration of your company at the Company Registry. We can be there from the choice of your office, your application for Andorran residency with the government, the constitution of your company according to your activity, etc.


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