What is Andorra ?

Principality located in the heart of the Pyrenees, Andorra has become one of the most popular expatriation destinations in Europe.

% maximum tax rate
% crime rate
Km² of surface area
  • 80 000 INHABITANTS

Why choose Andorra ?

Becoming an expatriate is a decision that must be carefully considered. If you still have doubts about the choice of your host country, find out why you should choose Andorra as an expatriation destination, whether you are alone, a couple or a family.

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Prepare your new life in Andorra

An ideal destination for both individuals and investors, Andorra is the Eldorado for expatriates. Changing country is also changing life, an important step for you and your family. That’s why we help you prepare for this big change that turns your life upside down!

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The support of a Gestoria

Much more than an administrative office specialized in Andorran administrative formalities, a gestoria is above all your ally in the realization and the good progress of your installation in Andorra. Whether it is for the creation of your company, the steps for your residence and that of your family members, the search for a property or an investment and even everything related to practical life: we are there for you.

Pros :

  • Save time in your administrative procedures;
  • No need to speak Catalan;
  • We will assist you from A to Z even after your move to Andorra;
  • All the steps of your installation in Andorra centralized with a single interlocutor;
  • Find the right property for you thanks to our partners;
  • Be surrounded by the best professionals in the sector;
  • Gain peace of mind by delegating a maximum of things;
  • Get everything you need for your installation;
  • Take advantage of a long experience in the sector.

In other words, all the answers to your questions and concerns as a future expatriate in the Principality of Andorra.


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What expatriates say

As a woman, I have always felt totally safe in Andorra no matter what time of day it is! The health care system is top notch and the living environment is perfect.


Besides the tax system which is a real asset, I came here to offer a better life to my children and my wife. And without a doubt, I do not regret this choice!


About Expatriation in Andorra

It’s a big change that requires a lot of reflection on the subject but also to have clear answers on the feasibility of your installation project. The living environment offered by this small country in the heart of the Pyrenees is one of the best in the world and the health system offered in Andorra has nothing to envy with its neighboring countries.

It is a great adventure that will delight many!


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Expatriation in Andorra: a great experience that deserves to be well prepared

Expatriating for a higher salary, developing a new career, offering your family a better life, several reasons may lead you to decide on such an adventure. Moving to a foreign country is not always easy for everyone. All the more reason to better prepare your expatriation. Canada, Morocco, Mexico, United Kingdom or any other destination, you must organize your departure as well as possible, whatever the country of your choice.

You need to think about several details: administrative procedures, social protection and health insurance, learning a new language, employee conditions and work contract, future housing, the benefits of an expatriation with a local contract if you are an internationally mobile employee, etc.

Lac de Traistana

Expatriate easily in Andorra and put all the chances on your side

Security (crime rate close to 0%) and a very low tax rate are some of the reasons that push French expatriates, or those of other nationalities, to leave for Andorra, a sovereign nation landlocked between France and Spain. Although it is not part of the European Union, it has made currency agreements to use the euro. While the official language is Catalan, French, Spanish and Portuguese are also spoken.

One way to facilitate your integration in your new country is to join an expat community and build relationships with its members. By doing so, you will feel less isolated. Living in a foreign country can indeed raise a lot of existential questions, sometimes compromising the mental health of an expatriate. Adapting to a new culture, far from family and friends, is not easy.

Therefore, it is not only your expatriation that you must prepare, but also a possible return to your country of origin. Starting a new life in a foreign country is far from being similar to a tourism package where everything is already offered on a plate. An expatriation requires your 100% involvement. Do not hesitate to consult an expatriation guide. Or better still, get help from Gestoria, an expatriation specialist in Andorra.


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