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Moving to the Principality of Andorra as an artist has only advantages

In Andorra, artists and individuals with an international aura benefit from a special residency status. This is called passive residency with international projection, which gives them access to many advantages. With a privileged status in "Andorra", they will be considered as passive residents in category C. The same applies to professional athletes.

The low tax rate is not the only reason why foreigners such as French, Belgians, Germans or Spanish move to Andorra. What are the advantages for artists to become Andorran expatriates? 

Expatriate to the safest country in the world to better exploit your talent

With an almost zero delinquency rate, one of the lowest taxes in Europe and a diversity of activities offered in the country, Andorra is a privileged destination. And for artists? What can they gain from immigrating to this small principality? 

An exceptional place to get more inspiration

Picturesque landscapes, we will not be able to mention them all, so much the country is covered with them. Located between France and Spain, Andorra is close to big cities like Toulouse, Perpignan or Barcelona. Nestled in a green setting in the heart of the Pyrenees, it offers magnificent views, nothing better to inspire you more. 

A place to enjoy great discretion in a pleasant and soothing environment 

Security and discretion are part of the Principality's values. This is why celebrities come to live here to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Principality. The country offers an exceptional lifestyle due to its environment and its beautiful landscape, the quality of the air and so much more to discover.

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A wide range of activities to enjoy throughout the year

To appreciate the diversity of the natural environment (mountains, lakes, waterfalls…), you can enjoy cycling in summer and winter. The fauna and flora are very rich and guarantee many discoveries. Not forgetting skiing, which has made the area famous, and museum visits.

One of the most interesting tax systems in Europe

In Andorra, individuals are taxed up to 10% on their income.

Andorran companies are taxed at a maximum of 10%. Similarly for real estate, taxation is also very low. It is calculated according to the surface area of the building and its location. There is no inheritance tax. The tax exemption also applies to inter vivos donations.

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Requirements for internationally recognized artists who are interested in becoming an Andorran resident

A special visa is available for artists wishing to expatriate to Andorra. Among the conditions to be respected to obtain it, you must:

  • Present documents attesting to your notoriety in your field (comedian, painter, dancer, writer, musician, actor, performer, etc.),
  • Be over 18 years old,
  • Present a clean criminal record (you have not been convicted of any crime),
  • Reside in Andorra for at least 90 days per year,
  • Prove that you are a resident of Andorra,
  • Prove a stable financial situation and regular income to support yourself in the Principality,
  • Provide AFA with proof of a minimum deposit of 47,500 euros with an Andorran bank,
  • Take out health insurance in the Principality of Andorra.

Our gestoria to lighten all the steps related to your expatriation in Andorra

An expatriation consultancy in Andorra aims to assist you in your project. As an internationally renowned artist, you undoubtedly have a very busy schedule. The goal of a gestoria is to arrange and plan your move to Andorra down to the smallest detail so that you can have a wonderful, stress-free experience.

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