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Moving to the Principality of Andorra as a company director

A dynamic economy added to a stable political framework makes the Principality of Andorra an attractive place to invest. Elements which will attract any foreigner who comes to expatriate there. The government of Andorra is also working hard to ensure the optimization of the business world. To further attract foreign investors, the Principality is working on tax cooperation, the upgrading of its tax system, the modernization of its infrastructure, economic reform programs, etc.

A lower tax rate for Andorran companies and individuals 

Compared to neighboring countries such as France and Spain, Andorra offers a very low tax rate to its residents. The IS or corporate tax is only 10%.

Expatriate employees also benefit from this tax break. The general tax rate applied to resident individuals (IRPF) in Andorra is a maximum of 10% of income. 

No taxes on dividends

Taxation in Andorra, besides being attractive, is not complicated. An Andorran company pays taxes on profits up to 10%. Dividend distributions are then taxed at 0%. Once the taxes are paid, the partners can share the dividends with peace of mind.

A country with many assets 

The very attractive tax situation of the country is not the only reason to expatriate there. The cost of living is particularly high. Owing to its international outlook, it attracts many foreigners from all over the world. Not only French, Belgian or Spanish. 

Among the reasons which make the Principality a privileged destination for individuals, but also for independent workers, we can mention: 

  • An idyllic living environment for any family;
  • The advantages of a large city, right in the heart of the Pyrenees ; 
  • Infrastructures adapted to entrepreneurs;
  • Outstanding security with a very low crime rate;
  • High monthly income;
  • Exceptional climate and a particularly safe environment. 

Conditions to be an active resident in Andorra: case of the company manager 

When applying for an active residence for entrepreneurs in Andorra, you need to gather all the information about your project. There is nothing to stop you from finding out about real estate, the employment situation in the country, the health system and other details in a guide designed for this purpose.

résidence compte propi

Application for the “propi account residency”.

In Andorra, there are different types of residence depending on the needs and objectives of each expatriation project. A person coming to live in Andorra as an employee will not have to apply for the same residency as a retiree. A business creator, on the other hand, will have to apply for the ” propi account residency “. This is a status intended for self-employed workers, shareholders and company directors.

The ” propi account residency ” is issued in the context of a business creation. It is also offered to those who wish to take over a company or become a shareholder of a company in Andorra.

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résidence compte propre

Criteria for obtaining a self-employed residency

As this type of residency is intended for the creation of companies, it is necessary to be a business owner to obtain it, or to sit on the Board of Directors of an Andorran company. It is also called a residence and self-employment permit.

Among the requirements, the business owner must:

  • To propose a commercial activity: services, trade, etc.
  • Hold 20% of the shares of an existing company or create your own company,
  • Present a clean criminal record,
  • Spend at least 183 days per year in the country,
  • Pay a guarantee deposit of 15,000 euros to the Andorran government’s financial institution or the AFA.

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