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Expatriating to Andorra with a work contract

If you come from France, Belgium, Germany, Spain or other countries, Andorra remains a preferred destination. As an expatriate worker, you can benefit from the working environment offered by the Principality, as well as the particularly high standard of living in the country. To live in Andorra as an expatriate, the first option is to find a job and be hired by an Andorran company.

Application for working residence in the Principality of Andorra 

Getting an Andorran residency is still interesting as it will allow you to live all year round in this beautiful mountain setting. If you work in Andorra and have an active residence, you can also reunite your family. Not to mention that you can have access to the Principality's social security system. 

What is a work residency?

A work residency is a status granted to any person with an immigration permit for the purpose of professional activity. It will allow the resident to enjoy many benefits. If we speak only of the income tax of a person with Andorran residency, its rate does not exceed 10%. However, without an employment contract, it will not be possible to obtain an active residence permit to reside in the Principality of Andorra.

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What are the criteria for obtaining active residence in Andorra?

When you are hired by an Andorran company, you have the right to apply for active residence. This does not mean that the process will be easy. Here are some of the steps you need to take to obtain your work permit in Andorra:

  • Apply for immigration clearance: present a permanent employment contract;
  • Provide some required documents related to your identity: an identity card or passport, a clean criminal record, an apostilled integral copy of civil status, diplomas, etc;
  • Carry out a medical examination.

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Moving to Andorra, reasons for not hesitating

If you want to get away from the Belgian and French cities, without leaving Europe, Andorra is a good place to move to. Does an Andorran company offer you a job? You have the possibility to move there with your family, but you are still hesitating? Here are some reasons that might persuade you!

The French are generally used to a particularly fast-paced lifestyle. But in Andorra, they can see life differently. Andorrans are very active and dynamic people. They are neither stressed nor anxious. Quite simply because they live in a calm environment far from pollution.

The crime rate is close to 0%, which makes Andorra an ideal place to live with your family and raise your children.

Did you know that life expectancy in Andorra is among the longest in the world according to a WHO ranking? 87 years for women and 84 years for men. Reasons for this number? Several: climate, efficient health system, very low crime rate, favourable environment for sports, preserved environment, etc.

Your expatriation project left to a gestoria

A gestoria will take care of all the procedures to apply for your Andorran work permit. They can assist you with the procedures you need to follow with the Andorran government and other institutions. They can also take care of the smallest details related to your expatriation file: work contract, insurance, application for a residence permit or foreign investment permit, etc.


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