Andorra, the new dream destination for youtubers

Youtubers, mainly French and Spanish, are increasingly attracted by the idea of moving to Andorra. The country offers an idyllic setting, conducive to creativity. To create an original report, there is nothing like an environment that favors innovation and inventiveness. Besides, you don't need to have a permanent contract to become an Andorran resident. This micro-state, which is located between France and Spain, offers types of residences adapted to entrepreneurs and all experts in the world of art and personalities with international recognition.

Benefits of living in Andorra 

Andorra attracts foreigners from all over the world. The country has a modern infrastructure and a healthy environment. Before the Internet stars, it already charmed a large number of celebrities, such as professional athletes. And reasons are not missing. 

An attractive Tax rate

Taxation is undoubtedly one of the reasons why youtubers move to the Principality. They can benefit from one of the lowest taxes in the world. Like all residents, the tax rate does not exceed 10%, whether for individuals or companies. 

This advantageous tax situation interests many youtubers, such as Ruben Doblas, known as El Rubius, Vegetta777 or Willyrex. These are certainly Spanish youtubers, but influencers from other countries, such as French, seem to be interested in this possibility.  

By choosing Andorra as their tax residence, these YouTube experts have the opportunity to make significant savings. With a maximum VAT of 4.5%, these celebrities of the net can save on the advertising campaigns they realize. 

A quiet life far from the paparazzi

Discretion is assured in Andorra. This is one of the reasons why this country remains one of the most popular for international celebrities. No paparazzi will come and disturb you in the streets or follow you, even though you are a world famous personality. Unlike big cities like Paris, you won't be harassed by photographers who want to get some exclusive shots that are worth their weight in gold. 

Andorra also knows how to convince famous expatriates by offering them a luxury setting perfectly suited to their refined and sumptuous lifestyle. Moreover, thanks to a fiber optic Internet access, digital professionals will be able to develop their activities. 

A living space near Europe and nature

On the other hand, making a documentary or a report requires so much know-how that concentration becomes vital. A lush nature makes Andorra a real country haven. Andorra is not only known for its skiing. It is especially known for its mountainous landscapes. You can make a beautiful report of your hikes, nature escapades, excursions and so much more. 

Lakes, valleys or natural parks, the country offers a breathtaking local fauna and flora. Nature lovers couldn't be more satisfied. What's more, the country is located at the gateway to Europe.


Develop your creativity in a country with 0% crime

Youtubers are creative people who create videos and edit them from anywhere in the world. They produce content to entertain or inform. To make each of these editions unique, they need a friendly and peaceful setting. Besides the change of scenery that the country promises, the safety is also exemplary. It is one of the few states in the world where the crime rate is 0%. You can live there in complete serenity.

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Join the community of youtubers already established in Andorra

Being an expatriate is not easy at all times. Although the country of destination offers all the elements to suit your lifestyle, it is not always easy to live away from your loved ones. Since the Principality of Andorra attracts influencers and youtubers, many of whom have made this country their home, you will have a community to support you. An opportunity to share ideas and experiences, continue to make constructive exchanges. But above all, it will help you feel less alone. You will be able to rub shoulders with people who have the same passions, or at the very least, the same field as you.

Coming to Andorra as a youtuber, what should I do?

The Principality offers everything youtubers need for their development. It offers a setting that is perfectly suited to their profession, combining technology and nature. However, to expatriate there, you must follow a few steps, the first being the application for a residence permit. Considered as experts with international projection, the youtubers will be able to benefit from the passive residency.

Whether it is in the elaboration or the filling of each expatriation document, a gestoria assists you throughout the procedures. They can also accompany you on a daily basis via a concierge service.


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