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Need an interior designer for your new house or apartment in Andorra? Interior design can be an integral part of an expatriation project. Although we are moving to a new home, we sometimes wish to evolve in the same interior design as the one we had in our country of origin. Or at least, the same style of decoration. To make sure that your home in Andorra is perfect, there is nothing like calling on a professional interior designer.

Find a decorator able to meet your expectations in Andorra 

Once settled in Andorra, would you need a professional in interior design to ensure the realization of the decoration of your new house? Whether you are in Andorra La Vella, the capital of the Principality of Andorra, or in another parish, let a Gestoria help you find the right professional. 

Andorran interior design firms usually include professional architects and talented craftsmen. They will be able to help you find the expression of each color, select the right furniture, optimize the space, create fluidity in your rooms and design quality work. 

Whatever your needs, you'll get a well-appointed interior. Whether you want to change the glass in your bay window, renovate the wallpaper, replace classic furniture with designer furniture or design the powder room, they will be able to meet their clients' expectations.

Architecte d’intérieur pour aménager sa maison en Andorre

Reasons to hire an interior designer

Why hire an interior designer to design your home in Andorra? These experts in the building sector have the skills required to create a harmonious decor that meets your requirements. They have the necessary know-how to harmonize each color, whether for the bedroom or other rooms such as the kitchen, the bathroom or the dining room. They know the techniques of interior makeover and can give you the advice and information you need. Without hesitation, they will give you a well thought-out opinion for the success of your project.



Why use a Gestoria: access to a network of French-speaking professionals in the Principality

Andorra is popular with expatriates for the simple reason that it is not far from France, Spain or the whole of Europe. Although it is one of the smallest states in the world, you can find everything here. Do you need a decorating store to complete your interior design project?  Andorra offers you the products you need through its numerous stores!

Whether you need an interior designer or a professional decorator, our Gestoria can deploy its network of partners to help expatriates who have used its services.  Mastery of the decorating code, quality products and major brands like Roca, they are able to meet all your requirements. No need to go to the store!

Realize your expatriation project without further delay!

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The role of our Gestoria is not limited to the follow-up of your expatriation file in Andorra. If necessary, our team will follow you in each project: creation of companies, search for starred hotels, accompaniment with tax specialists, etc. Our services even extend to contacting an interior decorator for the realization of a complete interior design.

Since we have a vast network of partners, mainly French-speaking professionals, we will provide you with personalized support. In addition to benefiting from all the information you need, you will be in contact with specialists who will listen to you.


We have the answers to your questions. Don't hesitate to contact us to get all the essential answers to your questions.

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