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When talking about Andorra, it is not only the long and rich historical past that is interesting. The cuisine reveals another facet of this small country that continues to attract visitors from all over the world. It is made up of many purely Andorran dishes, but also of recipes from elsewhere and reviewed. Very close to France and Spain, the cuisine of the principality was quickly impregnated with the flavors of these two countries. Delicious and rich dishes have resulted from this and today we have a rich gastronomy. Embark on the culinary history of Andorra.

Local cuisine in Andorra

Andorra has a culinary tradition highly influenced by its geographical location. The country is located between France and Spain, more precisely in the Pyrenees. It is therefore a traditionally mountainous and particularly delicious cuisine. The cuisine is composed of many different flavors and aromas that are specific to the mountainous regions. You will discover many Andorran specialties with quite pronounced tastes.


The small country of Europe allows you to taste seasonal products and to discover it in a completely different way. The traditional cuisine has some similarities with that of the neighboring countries. Spain, France and Catalonia have unsurprisingly influenced the cuisine of Andorra. The geographical proximity of these countries can also be felt in the cuisine. To allow tourists from all over the world to discover all the specificities of Andorran cuisine, gastronomic events are organized.

These events are an opportunity to discover and taste the essential recipes concocted by Andorran chefs. In Andorran cuisine, we often find rabbit, beef, but also lamb. Among the dishes specific to the principality, the escudella, which is simply a vegetable stew, stands out. Onion soup or roasted eggplant are also typical dishes worth trying. There is no shortage of fish recipes either. Salmon or trout are sometimes served with mountain rice, which is in great demand.

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A cosmopolitan territory with a wide range of restaurants from all over the world

Andorra is a territory that draws inspiration from different cultures to amaze its visitors. In the country’s recipes, it is very common to discover flavors that seem to come from elsewhere. Even if the origin is closer than far, the result is always very impressive. At least three culinary traditions are combined to offer the delicious dishes that are served in the restaurants.

These restaurants offer visitors the opportunity to discover the cuisines of the world with the best local products. In the Andorran restaurants, you will be able to recognize a Spanish, French or Catalan sweetness. The recipes offered are mainly inspired by the mountain valleys. Meat, fish and seafood are usually the delight of hikers and the many tourists passing through. You will find of course tapas, which is part of the Spanish and Catalan cuisine, but also surprising mixtures of Argentinean, Mexican or Japanese gastronomy.

The succulent desserts complete the culinary heritage of Andorra. The influence of neighboring countries is clearly visible when the desserts are served in the local restaurants. Catalan cream, pancakes and other sweets are a must. The restaurants offer delicious menus according to the season.

riz aux champignons

Some local specialties that you must discover if you are in the country

With the wide range of recipes that can come out of the principality’s kitchens, it is impossible not to find something to enjoy. With the proximity to other cultures, it is quite easy to enjoy even if there are more local touches. Still, there are some unique tastes that you should try before leaving the region. If you are in the country during winter, there is a traditional dish that you should try before leaving: escudella.

This is an original and energizing dish made with vegetables, meat and cold cuts from the region. You will leave happy and full of energy. In autumn, mushrooms are already out and about in most recipes. They go well with many traditional recipes and you can enjoy them if you like to eat them. The recipe for rice with mushrooms will certainly please you. In summer, the river trout will embellish your plate and will fill you up.

This delicious fish with its tender skin is a simple and appetizing recipe. If you want to regain your strength after a long trip to the mountains, the shepherd’s soup is the perfect dish to tone up your body. You can quickly regain your strength with a delicious Andorran dish.


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