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Country history: What language is spoken in Andorra?

Andorra is a small country that became independent several years ago. It is the only European state that uses Catalan as its official language. It attracts more and more workers and investors from all over the world. Would you like to know more about the different languages spoken in this country? Here you will find everything you need to know.

Catalan: the only official language in Andorra

The official and most used language in Andorra is Catalan. Most of the country's inhabitants interact daily in Catalan for tourist and economic activities.  It is important for the state that all people living in the principality learn this language. Many newspapers and programs are presented in Catalan and do not have subtitles in other languages.

Private or public information and road signs are also written in the official language. To increase the use of Catalan, the authorities have set as one of their objectives the improvement of learning methods for expatriates. A program has even been set up to provide language courses to the population free of charge.

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Spanish, French and Portuguese are common second languages in the Principality

A third of the inhabitants in Andorra are Spanish expatriates. Thus, Spanish is spoken by a large part of the population, including the Andorrans. It has thus finally become the second most used language in the principality. A large number of Portuguese expatriates also settled in Andorra in the 1960s and 1980s. As a result, Portuguese quickly became popular.

Today, at least 15% of the expatriate and resident population of Andorra speak Portuguese. In the Principality of Andorra, French is also among the languages used by the population. The town of Pas de la Case is the border between Andorra and France. Thus, the French language dominates in this region. It is the destination, together with El Tarter, in winter that is privileged by the French to enjoy the ski vacations.

A cosmopolitan country with strong English, French, Portuguese, Russian communities, etc.

It is easy to communicate in Andorra even if you do not speak the official language. The country is bordered by France and Spain, which makes it easy for French and Spanish expatriates to relocate. Many languages are spoken in Andorra as the country is populated by English, French, Portuguese and even Russian nationals. Andorra is the destination of a large number of foreigners due to its easy living, its social security and among other things its 0% delinquency rate.

Taxation in the principality is very attractive as the tax rate is 10%. It is also a beautiful country where life is really good. Every year there are nearly 8 million foreigners who come to visit the country. Some are interested in shopping, others in entertainment. Stores in Andorra close only four days a year. An excellent offer in health and well-being is proposed to the inhabitants of the principality.

résidence de sportifs

Andorra is the place where international athletes and artists live

With very good facilities, great athletes or artists like to go there to train. The number of passive residents has increased over the last ten years. Andorra is the second country in Europe where the cost of electricity is low. The whole Principality is equipped with a fiber optic internet connection, for a price that is often lower than in other European countries.


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