Company creation – Preparation of notarial deeds and incorporation

In Andorra, the notary is an expert who plays an important role in the procedures of creation of companies. Although his responsibilities are broader, we will focus on his missions in the context of the constitution of Andorran companies. Let's remember that this country offers many advantages for the project holders wishing to make a foreign investment there. This can be translated by a particularly reduced corporate tax. The economic and geographical advantages are not to be ignored either.  

What is the role of a notary in a project to set up an Andorran company? Is his work in the Principality similar to that of a notary in France or in another European country? Calling on this expert not only allows you to be relieved of heavy procedures, but also to comply with the Andorran law. What is a notarial deed? 

What is a notarial deed?

To set up a company in Andorra and register it with the Government, the notary is one of the experts who must intervene. He will take care of this registration by means of a notarial deed of incorporation.

Definition of a notarial deed 

A legal document, sometimes also referred to as a notarial deed, this document is both drafted and signed by the notary. He can draw up several of them depending on the context. It can thus be a :

  • Will ;
  • Sale Deed;
  • Commitment to bu; 
  • Marriage contract, etc. 

Some of these documents may be mandatory in certain cases and according to the law in force. In most cases, each procedure will have to be notarized by this professional. But, his service can be extended to other formalities, if needed.

Définition de l’acte notarié

The value of a notarial deed in the context of a business creation 

A notarial act is one of the most difficult acts to contest. It allows to identify a transaction, to define the real owner of a property, to determine the status of a company, etc.

The notary and his function in general 

The notary is a public officer. He works under the authority of the Ministry of Justice. Therefore, when he makes a signature, the document becomes a notarial act, authentic acts within a given state. 

There are many stages in life where a notary is needed. He intervenes in particular to draft and authenticate a legal document. He can intervene in the event of signing a compromise sale or purchase of real estate, a business contract, the constitution of a file for the creation of a company, etc. 

In fact, his main role is to verify the smallest legal details. This would prevent financial and legal risks that may be unnecessary. In short, this expert offers the possibility to benefit from an important legal security. 

Notarial deed and use of the services of a notary in Andorra

In Andorra, it is through a notarial act that the notary will be able to register the creation of companies. Only in this way can they be registered in the Trade and Companies Register. In addition to the formalities of registration of your company, he also ensures the conformity of the files: capital, apostille, social status, etc. Nothing escapes him. 

Moreover, in this process, the Andorran Government will send him directly the company card. Also, for all the documents related to a procedure of modification of the statutes of your company, you must go through a notary.

Reasons to use a notary  

Besides advising and guiding you on your rights as a company creator, the notary is a privileged ally throughout the life of a given company. He advises you on the appropriate status and the required capital, authenticates each certificate and Andorran contract, etc. 

Do not hesitate to call on our Gestoria to accompany you in the constitution of your new company in partnership with a notary. You will also be entitled to a customized service to carry out your immigration project from France, Canada, Costa Rica, Luxembourg or other countries.

rôle du notaire

The notary’s role in the constitution of a company in Andorra

If the lawyer takes care of all the details related to the statutes of the company to be created, the notary intervenes after this expert in order to validate them. He will proceed to rigorous observations with the aim of verifying various details which can be :

  • The identity of each partner,
  • Legalization or apostille of documents,
  • The deposit of taxes,
  • The certificate or bank account,
  • And the foreign investment authorization.

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The notary is also responsible for drawing up a notarial deed of incorporation for the new company. The notary will check all the details of your file, from the immigration file to the incorporation of your company, including your application for Andorran residency.

Ensuring that the clauses respect the law is one of the roles of a notary in the incorporation of a company in Andorra. He will, among other things, verify the identity of the signatories. He will be the direct representative of the Government in the authentication of the acts.

Notaries affix the seal of the State or their own signature to make a document official. They commit themselves both on the date and on the content of each of these acts. Remember that he can also act as a legal advisor.

Notaries in the Principality of Andorra

As a general rule and according to the legislation in force, there should be 1 notary for every 20,000 inhabitants. Andorra has about 77,975 people. The notary offices active in the country are so few that it may take some time to get an appointment.

If you are undertaking the formalities for your expatriation or the creation of your company in the Principality yourself, you will need to be patient. That said, one of the reasons for the existence of our Gestoria is to provide you with a turnkey service. It can be a project of installation in Andorra or investment in the country.

Andorra is one of the countries in Europe where security has a zero crime rate. We can accompany you throughout your immigration until your social integration in your new country. If you plan to create a company, buy a property or invest in Andorra, we will make sure that you are quickly put in touch with a notary or other partners such as lawyers or accountants.


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