Company creation – Registration in the trade register

Creating a company implies the completion of several steps and requests for authorization from the Andorran government. Among them, there are those to be carried out at the Commercial Register. It should be noted that in the Principality, this institution is not the same as the Companies Registry. It is therefore recommended to gather the minimum information required before starting the business. 

During this procedure, a minimum capital will also be required depending on the status of the company which can be a: 

  • SL (Limited Company), 
  • SLU (Single Shareholder Company), 
  • SA (Limited Company), 
  • Collective company with an unlimited liability structure. 

Not to mention other requirements such as the opening of a bank account, the application for foreign investment and active Andorran residence and other documents. 

Our Gestoria will help you to avoid any confusion, especially since the data will be requested in Catalan. It should be noted that the procedures for incorporating an Andorran company are different from those in other EU countries such as France or Spain. Our team can advise you on the choice of your social status, the steps to take with the commercial register or writing a notarial act of incorporation with a notary.

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The commercial register is separate from the company register in Andorra 

Unlike in France or other European countries, the Commercial Registry is quite distinct from the Company Registry in the Principality of Andorra. These institutions are dissociated in "Andorra". It is therefore essential that as a future Andorran director, you must complete two different formalities for each of them. 

The formalities to be carried out with this institution are the very last steps of the constitution of an Andorran company. They should be completed within 3 months of obtaining your active residence in Andorra.

The process of creating a business corporation

The process of creating a company in Andorra is somewhat different from other countries within the European Union and even internationally. To be able to carry out the formalities with the business register in Andorra, you must first register your business name. 

This process is done with the Andorran Government. It must specify the activity or services of the company to be created. You must choose it in Catalan. It should take about a week from the time you submit your application to have it approved. If it is accepted, you can submit your application to the Commercial Registry. Its confirmation can take between 4 and 6 weeks and allows you to finalize the creation of your company.

Please note that one week after submitting your application to the government of Andorra, you will receive a notarial act. This is the official act of establishment of your new company. For this, you must physically go to a notary's office.

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What is the role of the commercial register in the incorporation of a company?

If the Company Registry allows you to register the details of your new office in the database of all Andorran companies, the Commercial Registry gives you the authorization to start your business. Registration must first be done through the Andorran Tax Office where an identification number will be issued to your new company.

Regardless of the type of company, limited or public limited, when it is registered, it will also be registered in one of the Principality’s municipalities. At this precise stage, it will be the commercial register that will provide you with the authorization to exercise your activity, to offer your services and to sell your products.

Advantages of being accompanied by a Gestoria

The information related to the registration of businesses in Andorra is not so numerous that it can be difficult to find your way around. Our Gestoria can assist you in the preparation of each of your documents.

We take care of all the files related to your investment in Andorra, whether it is your application for residency status, the choice of company types or the opening of a bank account.

Our team can even accompany you until your social integration in your new country. We also assist anyone who wishes to spend their retirement here, stay here as a professional athlete or become an employee in Andorra.

Andorra is a country offering a particularly favorable framework for foreign investments. The Principality offers an excellent quality of life, without forgetting its tax system and its law in favor of project holders.


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