Reservation of a corporate name

Reserving a company name is one of the first steps you must take if you want to create a company in Andorra. This process must be done with the Andorran government, entirely in Catalan. Moreover, the name of the company must be established in Catalan. It will take about 10 days to receive an answer to your request.

In order to facilitate your task, especially since each step related to this project will be done with the official language of the country, our Gestoria is at your disposal to accompany you. Our expatriation consulting firm will accompany you in your project of installation in the Principality. We will be able to put together your installation file and assist you in the different stages of creating your company, starting with the reservation of your corporate name.

What is a corporate name? 

In order to incorporate a company, a name is required, this detail is provided by law. This will become the brand name or the appellation by which the customers will be able to identify the company. Within the framework of a creation of companies, the corporate name is what one also denominates sometimes by the corporate name. In a more technical definition, it is the name through which the company will be registered in the Trade and Companies Register. It is also through this name that it will carry out its activities. 

Any company, whether it is a joint stock company, a non-profit company or a cooperative must have a name to identify it legally. It will be established in the articles of incorporation of the company to be created and will appear in many of its documents such as invoices or business cards.

une dénomination sociale

Submission of a business name registration application form

The registration of the company name must be approved by the staff of the Company Registry. Requirements imposed by the "Law on Partnerships and Business Names" must be strictly observed. The more unique it remains, the more likely it will be validated quickly. 

Procedures in the Principality 

In the case of Andorra, the application to reserve a company name is the first step in the creation of a company. In addition to choosing a name in Catalan, it must also correspond to its activity. In order to speed up the process and comply with the law, it is advisable to have three names. These names will be chosen by priority and will be checked to see if they are already used by other companies. 

What is the difference between "corporate name", "business name" and "trade name"?

The companies, once constituted and under control, can have different names: corporate name or business name, commercial name or sign. If the procedures are not always the same in France or in other European countries, they are more particular in Andorra. 

The corporate name or business name 

This name identifies companies as a legal entity. In simple terms, it is the synonym of a family name for a natural person. It is needed when registering the company in the National Register of Commerce and Companies. 

The trade name

This business name will be found on the business card, various contracts, invoices and other documents. In this case, it will be accompanied by the legal notices. It may also be found on the accounting documents. 

The sign 

There is also the sign that will identify the establishment in its geographical area. It will also be the one that will be displayed on the front of the business premises.

Incorporation of an Andorran company: the important step of reserving the company name

There are many reasons that indicate the importance of a corporate name reservation. It can make you benefit from your rights, be useful during a technical or sanitary control for certain activities or visits, be used in case of suspension, be mentioned in various documents such as the rent or the purchase of a vehicle, etc.

The importance of reserving a corporate name

The request for a reserved company name is an essential step for a business creation project in Andorra. In addition to being an important point in the constitution of your company, a corporate name also makes it possible to better identify it near your customers or your consumers.

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In sum, this reservation of the corporate name allows :

  • To incorporate or reconstitute your company;
  • To merge it;
  • To change the name of a corporation;
  • To change the legal entity;
  • To prevent an identical name from being registered.

According to Andorran law, the name of any company must be in Catalan. It must also be consistent with the activity that it carries out. It is not uncommon for the process of reserving a company name to be confusing and time-consuming. That is why it is recommended to entrust the procedures to a Gestoria. Not to mention the fact that the documents will be in Catalan, the official language of the country.

The few essential steps of a business name registration

Already, the steps to find the corporate name of a company are simple:

  • Find an idea for a corporate name,
  • Check if the chosen name is still available or not,
  • Proceed to registration.

Once you have chosen a name, you need to think about choosing the class of registration for it. It is a question of identifying the category that best corresponds to your sector of activity.

Then, you have to check the availability of your name by consulting the databases. Once the form has been completed, the registration of the trademark will be made with the relevant institutions. You will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt which you should keep since it will contain the date and the national number of your application.

Reserve a company name in the Principality

In Andorra, the deposit must be made with the government. You will have three possibilities and it must be chosen in Catalan as we have already indicated. If the first name you propose has already been adopted, we will opt for the second or the third if it is not available either. In order not to get lost in the different procedures, do not hesitate to ask our Gestoria, specialized in immigration files in Andorra, to accompany you.

Company creation: call on an expatriation support firm

If the Principality has put in place a framework conducive to the development and flourishing of companies, it is not for all that the steps are done in a snap of the fingers. In many European countries, as in the case of France, a procedure relating to the reservation of a company’s name is done online, even for payment. In Andorra, this remains special. It is necessary to go to each institution concerned.

Our team is able to assist you in obtaining the necessary documents and to proceed with the necessary steps to reserve your corporate name. We can also intervene with the dedicated institutions by ensuring the smooth running of the procedures. To see with the institutions if the name you have chosen is already taken, to fill in the form for the registration, to accompany you to the various organizations, here are so many missions that can be managed by our Gestoria.


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