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As musicians, moving to Andorra offers a lot of advantages

Looking for a quiet, yet inspiring and dynamic life as a musician? Andorra offers you the perfect setting. Whether you come from Switzerland, Africa, Brazil, the United States or anywhere in the world, this small independent state located between France and Spain remains a privileged destination. Its tax system will also be favorable to you.

A country close to France and Spain

Being a true Pyrenean paradise, Andorra promises a real change of scenery while remaining within Europe. Although this country is not a member of the European Union. It attracts any foreigner looking for a country that can offer them total tranquility without leaving the continent. It remains close to the major French and Spanish cities such as Toulouse, Perpignan, Madrid or Barcelona.  

A beautiful environment for your creativity to flourish 

As a musician, you are probably looking for a place to develop your art. The living environment that you can enjoy here will give you the opportunity to be inspired. What's more, you don't have to be a professional or sign an employment contract to obtain tax residence in Andorra. 

Here you can live a quiet life without having to worry about being recognized in the street or meeting paparazzi.

évènements musicaux

Numerous music opportunities in Andorra

French people are not rare to move to Andorra. The country has a lot to offer: lush landscape, skiing and various sports activities, museums, advantageous taxation, security… But the Principality of Andorra also offers many musical events. You can enjoy or participate in classical music, jazz, rock, pop, salsa and many more.

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fiscalité avantageuse

An advantageous tax system for musicians

Becoming an Andorran resident means taking advantage of a very low tax rate compared to other European countries. Personal income tax does not exceed 10%. The same applies to corporate income tax.

If you plan to create a company in Andorra, dividends are not taxable. There is no inheritance tax either. The IGI which is the equivalent of the French VAT is only 4.5%. Tax advantages that you can take advantage of as an internationally recognized custom.

The country’s economy remains stable despite the Covid-19 health crisis. Residents’ incomes are higher than the average in Europe. Not to mention the fact that the Principality has a particularly high longevity rate in the world, according to WHO data.

The passive residency with international projection for musicians

With a crime rate of almost 0%, the Principality is one of the safest countries in the world. As an internationally recognized musician, you can apply for a passive residency with international projection.

As with all types of non-profit residency in Andorra, there are a few conditions. Among other things, you must present international recognition for your musical talent. But in any case, you will get a quick answer to your residency request thanks to your international recognition.

The role of a gestoria is to accompany expatriates with an international aura who wish to take advantage of the idyllic setting offered by the Principality. She will be there throughout the administrative steps related to your expatriation, subscription of your health insurance, tax declaration and many others.


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