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Buying a car in Andorra: details to know and conditions to meet

When planning an expatriation to a foreign country, the expat has the choice to import their car or to buy one in their new country of residence. In the case of Andorra, there are several details to be considered for both arrangements. Located in the Pyrenees Mountains, the Principality of Andorra is landlocked between France and Spain. For example, if you drive from l'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre to Andorra la Vella, the distance by road is only 38.8 km. What do I need to know to buy a car in this country famous for its ski resorts ?

Different ways to buy a car in Andorra

It is quite normal to wonder about material details related to one's expatriation to "Andorra". The question related to the purchase of cars remains one of our main concerns. If you are thinking of buying a car once you are there, there are several options available to you. 

A small point worth mentioning is that car insurance must be taken out as soon as the vehicle is purchased. You must therefore take out an insurance policy with an Andorran company so that your car can circulate.

Buying a car in Andorra from a dealer

If you want to buy a car from a dealer in Andorra, you need to make sure that the dealer is an official dealer. The benefit of buying a car in a dealership is that you can enjoy a wide choice of car brands. You can find prestigious brands such as BMW, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz, Suzuki and others. You will have new vehicles, as well as used cars. You will also be accompanied on the technical part. 

Buy used cars in Andorra through classified ads

You can find good deals on used cars in the classified ads. The offers are indeed abundant. By looking through the classified ads for buying or selling used cars in Andorra, you will not fail to find the car you need. The possibility of doing your research online is a real plus.

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A small detour on the importation of vehicles in Andorra 

Once in the Principality of Andorra, you can import your car from France or from another European country. The procedure must, among other things, be declared to the Andorran Government. Different steps must be taken with the French customs, or your country of origin, and the Andorran customs. A file must be established for the replacement of the license plates. 

For the price of a car in Andorra, the average is relatively lower than in France. That said, everything depends on the brand. 

Car registration in Andorra 

As an independent principality in the Pyrenees, more precisely between France and Spain, Andorra attracts for its tax advantages. The country is indeed known for its very low tax system, which benefits both individuals and companies. What is the interest of registering a car in this country?

In France, there are more and more taxes imposed on the registration of vehicles. The regional tax, the bonus-malus and the VAT are applied. These are taxes that are almost non-existent in Andorra. If the ecological malus and the regional tax do not exist in Andorra, the VAT applies a maximum rate of 4.5%, which will already make you about 15.5 points of difference, and thus savings. 

The car registration in the Principality does not normally take long. After that you will get the yellow card of your vehicle, which is the equivalent of the "carte grise" in France. Then the final step will be to get the Andorran license plates.

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What is the Euro 6 standard in Andorra?

The Euro 6 standard applies in Andorra in the case of an import or purchase of vehicles. It also applies to the registration of a vehicle in the Principality of Andorra, whether it is a private or company car.

This standard imposes a threshold of CO² emissions not to be exceeded for any car sold in Europe. Effective since 2016, the car you are considering buying must comply with this rule.

To register your vehicle, you must therefore present a COC Certificate of Conformity issued by its manufacturer, indicating the engine characteristics of your new car.

Gestoria, a precious help for the purchase and registration of vehicles in Andorra

Entrust the search for a vehicle to buy in Andorra to a Gestoria. As a firm specialized in the accompaniment of expatriation, it is able to take care of all the administrative procedures, whether for the purchase or the registration of vehicles in the Principality. Our service is not limited to the steps related to the elaboration of an immigration project.

Take advantage of a network of dealer contacts through our gestoria

Whether you want to buy or sell a car in Andorra, there is nothing better than to take advantage of a network of official dealerships through our gestoria. Besides directing you to trustworthy service providers, our team offers you the possibility to compare the price before deciding for good.

Relying on an advertisement can save you time, but taking advantage of our support services avoids unpleasant surprises. You will not have to worry about the documents to be gathered or the steps related to the registration.


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