Réunion syndicat immo

Real estate union meeting: our concierge service to help you save time 

Once your residence is established in Andorra, you will have obligations to respect. If you are an apartment owner, among other things, you will have to deal with a condominium, and there will be syndicate meetings that you must attend. You don't have the time to attend them? As a concierge company committed to accompany you in your daily life in Andorra, we can represent you and detail afterwards everything that was discussed during the General Assembly of your co-ownership. 

General assembly of co-ownership, where the necessary decisions are taken 

A meeting of the syndicate of co-ownership of a building is held at least once a year at the initiative of the syndic. Your presence, if you are renting a unit in a condominium, is required. This is the time to review the details, such as the work in progress during the coming year, accounts or neighbourhood issues, if there are any. 

If you are a company director with multiple responsibilities, a businessman or woman who is often on the move, or a full-time employee, it can sometimes be difficult to free up time for these meetings with the syndic. This is why our private concierge in Andorra is available.

causes de l’absentéisme à une réunion du syndic

Take into account the causes of absenteeism at a meeting of the trustee of your building 

As mentioned earlier, a meeting of your building's trustee may occur at least once a year. This is an opportunity to discuss important projects and decisions concerning the building or the common areas. 

This meeting is not mandatory and you will not be penalized if you do not attend. However, you should know that only the decisions validated at this meeting will have legal weight. 

If you are unable to attend, you can be represented. However, the person you choose should not hold more than 5% of the tantièmes (share of co-ownership owned by each owner). All the more reason to entrust this mission to our concierge.

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A concierge to represent you at a meeting of real estate syndicate

Réunion immo

This meeting requires that all the co-owners, including you, be present. However, given your obligations and your work, it happens that you do not have time, or that you cannot be present on that day in the Principality of Andorra. There is a way not to attend, but to stay informed: rely on the services of our concierge in Andorra. 

We will give you a detailed briefing of the meeting and present you with the key points to remember from your building syndicate meeting. This would free up your time to focus on activities that are more important to you. This decision can also be a real relief if you are not yet familiar with social life in Andorra or if you simply do not speak Catalan.  

We are also available for other daily tasks. Indeed, we can take care of your household staff (gardener, cleaning lady…), the care of your pets, accompanying your children to school, making various appointments (dentist, beauty salon, restaurant, etc.).


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