Les assurances en Andorre

Take advantage of a customized concierge service to better manage your daily life in Andorra

Located between France and Spain in the heart of the Pyrenees, the Principality of Andorra remains a privileged place for expatriation. A large number of French people decide to settle there or to visit. For a car journey, the driving time between Toulouse and Andorra is about 2 hours.

A favorable tax system, a breathtaking nature and an optimized security, many are the reasons to justify the expatriation in this country. Once in "Andorra", the management of daily life can be time consuming. Between your work, various administrative procedures related to your expatriation, especially if you come with your children, you can be overwhelmed. A concierge service will be of great help, less stress and a considerable time saving.

What is a concierge service?

A concierge service can be qualified as an optimized service that would allow to better manage the daily life. For an expatriate in Andorra, it is not always easy to find your way in this new country. Especially since the official language in Andorra is Catalan, although other languages such as French and Spanish are spoken.

A peaceful expatriation in Andorra is possible thanks to a good management of your daily life and of your staff, which is the main objective of a concierge service. We take care of the individual tasks of families as well as families who have recently moved to the Principality.

When you move to another country, you don't necessarily know the habits and the good addresses. A concierge works to assist its clients in their daily needs. It offers them sound advice and circumspect guidance.

A concierge service for expatriates

For expatriates living in Andorra, our concierge service can guide you from the moment you leave your home country. We can book a hotel for you if you have not yet found the right apartment.

Since you can take advantage of personalized assistance that can make your life easier once in Andorra, don't wait any longer to take advantage of the tax benefits offered in this country. If you are planning to set up a business in Andorra, for example, you probably know that the Principality has signed a double taxation agreement with several countries, including France. This is a major advantage for entrepreneurs, business creators and investors.

The security is also very well preserved. Not to mention its stable economic and political situation. You can invest in the real estate sector, such as apartment rental or other sectors such as the Web. The country is covered by Andorra Telecom in terms of Internet. This operator offers up to 1 Gbps of symmetrical Internet as well as high speed internet throughout the Principality.

Regular or occasional concierge services

If you are not planning to expatriate to Andorra, but are just leaving for a stay in the Principality, a concierge service is always ready to make your life easier. We are here for questions related to accommodation, hotel rooms and various facilities that may be required.

Des services réguliers ou occasionnels d’une conciergerie 

Facilitating the daily life of expatriates in Andorra

Making the daily life of expatriates less stressful is part of the concierge service's mission. It is not only about accompanying them to any institution for administrative procedures. It can be a question of booking a ski or a sports session in a gym or a sports center, subscribing to an Internet subscription, organizing your departure on mission or on vacation, registering your children in the school of your choice and so many others.

Services tailored to your needs

If you need someone to tidy your room or clean a business establishment, we can put you in touch with the right expert. Since each profile requires a different janitorial service, we make sure to classify your needs to ensure that you receive fully personalized services.

For one-off tasks

They can look after your children on certain nights when you have to come home late, book a hotel for you if you are traveling in the Principality or take care of your accommodation. You can also count on the services of a concierge to manage your Internet, water and electricity subscriptions.

For ongoing and frequent missions

For example, you can have a concierge clean the rooms in your apartment and receive your mail. If you don't have time to take your children to their sports center, to go skiing or for other after-school activities, we are here to help you.

For event organizations 

From finding and reserving a reception hall to designing invitation cards and putting you in touch with various service providers, a concierge service will accompany you at every step.

For various personal project plans

Whether it's managing administrative matters with the institution concerned or planning personal projects, a concierge acts as a personal assistant. Professional and responsive, they can take care of making appointments, whether it is with a doctor, a hairdresser or an administrative or legal institution.

For an integral support

A single day can be frustrating when it is not well planned. Finding a parking space can be a real obstacle course in some big cities like Andorra la Vella.

In your new country, to make sure that your daily life goes smoothly, the services of a concierge could greatly alleviate you. Our team is available to organize your stay as well as possible. We can ensure a complete assistance.

Avantages consiergerie

There are so many advantages to taking advantage of it!

Living in a foreign country where you are in the process of discovering everything, being accompanied in every detail by a professional is a real relief. By freeing up time, this will allow you to spend time with your family if you have come with your children, to better concentrate on your work, to carry out your investment or business creation project with complete peace of mind, etc.

A concierge service allows you to enjoy the same treatment as if you were in a luxury hotel. Your room and the other rooms in your apartment will be maintained without you lifting a finger. If you are away from home, we will take care of the reservation of your accommodation.

Night or day, there will always be a dedicated team to serve you. And this is not limited to the maintenance of your accommodation. You will be able to take care of the procedures related to the search and rental of rooms for your events, the reservation of your sports sessions, the processing of your tax file, the management of your real estate rental, etc.

Realize your expatriation project without further delay!

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Satisfaire vos besoins dans les délais les plus courts

Meet your needs in the shortest possible time

The services of a concierge service cover different aspects. You can entrust him with various tasks related to the smooth running of your daily life in your country of expatriation. All this with an exceptional speed of execution. Our team is indeed able to respond to your needs in the shortest possible time.

Among our services, we can mention:

  • Hotel, accommodation or parking reservations;
  • Receiving your parcels and mail in case of absence;
  • Purchasing certain home or office equipment;
  • Cleaning of your rooms and your different rooms in the house;
  • The night guard in case of hospitalization;
  • Services related to real estate, such as the management of the rental of your apartment;
  • Searching for an accommodation in Andorra;
  • Accompanying you to an administrative institution, etc.

No matter which parish you are in, whether you are in Andorra La Vella, Canillo or Encamp, we can intervene. We are ready to satisfy the needs of our customers in the shortest possible time.

Take advantage of an expert network established in Andorra for many years

Our concierge service has a network of experts who have been in Andorra for several years and have a proven knowledge of the Andorran territory, local life and the fiscal details of the country. In close collaboration with the institutions of the Principality, we master the norms to be respected and the regulations in force, and will therefore be able to give you various advice. A network of partners, various categories of services offered, we will be your privileged interlocutor for a new comfortable and very practical life. Whether you have moved to Andorra la Vella or to another parish, we are ready to deploy our assets to satisfy our customers.

Don’t you have time to tidy up your room and do the cleaning, to take your children to school or to a leisure and sports center, to set up a precise planning for your events in Andorra? We remain the ideal partner to accompany you, even to the point of helping you with the management of your home, such as setting up your safe, starting up your heating equipment, shopping and small jobs. Our personal assistance services will greatly simplify your life.

The Principality of Andorra is an independent state that offers tax advantages to foreigners wishing to invest there. The cost of living is 16.1% lower than in France. The price in euros (EUR) of consumer goods is also accessible in Andorra. It is therefore not surprising that many opinions support the interest of an expatriation in this ski country. Get a concierge service to help you manage your daily life and maintain your home better.


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