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Our missions in Andorra are not only limited to administrative procedures. We can even intervene in the organization of your activities, such as your family vacations and your trips. It is actually difficult for expatriates to organize vacation activities in this country in the Pyrenees where the official language is Catalan.

Plan your vacations and travels with peace of mind

Organizing a trip or a vacation involves various arrangements. Destinations to be found, choice of transportation and reservation, design of a travel itinerary or accommodation, so many details to plan. It is understandable that you may not have the time to organize everything given your professional commitments. 

As a new expatriate, you may also find it difficult to find your way around Andorra la Vella, the capital, or other parishes. In this case, we will be there, with our concierge services, to assist you, whether it be in dealing with the authorities or in organizing your own entertainment during the vacations.

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Create idyllic moments with a good organization of your activities in the Principality  

Photos, video conferencing or phone calls, technology has made it easier to communicate with distant relatives. But sometimes this is not enough. Expatriates are not uncommon to bring their family to their host country for a vacation or a stay. If this is your project, our concierge service is available to assist you. 

We can assist you in finding accommodation or seasonal rentals to welcome your loved ones. Once they have arrived in the country, you may also need to do activities together. We are available to meet all your expectations.

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A wide range of activities to enjoy in Andorra

In Andorra, there is no shortage of sports and leisure activities that can sometimes be difficult to choose from. From mountain biking to sports complexes, from skiing to climbing, there is something for the whole family. You can find the activity you need in any of its parishes.

Both in summer and in winter, various disciplines follow one another. Not to mention the different activities that are organized for each season. Throughout the year, the cities take on a soft and warm atmosphere. If you have decided to bring some of your family members, we can organize activities and visits so that they can make the most of their stay. We also assist our expatriates in finding seasonal rentals for their guests.

Our concierge service at your side for all your needs

Hiring our concierge service will save you a lot of time. Organizing personalized outings, alone or with your family, requires a lot of involvement. We are here to relieve you of the repetitive tasks related to the search for places or activities to do. From the simplest to the most unusual requests, we will execute them in the shortest time possible. Our primary objective is to make life easier for our expatriates during their leisure time.


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