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Schedule an appointment: entrust your timekeeping tasks to our concierge in Andorra

Our concierge service works to help you in your daily life. We can make your life easier by relieving you of certain time-consuming and redundant tasks such as making appointments. It could be an appointment with your doctor, dentist, hairdresser, garage, etc. It can also be a question of a leisure appointment like the spa, the ski, your sports sessions, or others of more administrative aspect like the governmental authorities.

Get your appointments scheduled sooner 

Organizing various appointments can be very time consuming. These are often repetitive tasks, but they require a lot of attention and take into account various details. To lighten your load, you can entrust these tasks to a concierge service. Whatever the professional you have to visit, the service you have to take advantage of or the administrative appointment you have to attend, its team can take care of the appointments for you. 

By already having a network of partners, she will have no trouble getting the appointment faster. She will also be able to deal with special requests more easily.

Book services without any language barrier

As you know, Catalan is the official language in Andorra. Although French, Spanish and English are spoken in Andorra, it is easier to master Catalan. And even if you do well with a new language, it can happen that some information does not get through. 

When you hand over your appointments to a professional, you will have both the information you need and the appointment at the time of your choosing. Especially since Gestoria collaborates with various partners.

Prise de rendez-vous

You can entrust a gastoria with the booking:

  • A restaurant for a business dinner or a family lunch;
  • Hotels to spend your vacation;
  • Spa services to relax;
  • Transportation (cab, plane, boat, train, etc.) for your trips;
  • Beauty treatments to pamper yourself, etc. 

You can entrust a gastoria to schedule an appointment: 

  • From your dentist or doctor;
  • From your garage;
  • From the town hall;
  • Your children's school, etc.
MC Expatriation

The ideal partner for your expatriation in Andorra

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A dedicated appointment scheduling service for our international customers

For an efficient, fast and convenient daily life, our concierge service is there for you and your family. We present ourselves as your best ally for all your daily needs. Don’t know which beauty salon to go to for your facial? Do you need to repair your car? Dental care to be scheduled? We can book your appointment at a time that suits you.

As a privileged partner for expatriates, our concierge service provides a complete and personalized service. We align ourselves with your expectations and take into account your requirements. Our main objective is to facilitate the life of our expatriates.

The Principality of Andorra is a country conducive to professional development and is prized for its low tax rate, its picturesque landscape offering a very healthy environment and its irreproachable security. With our concierge service, you will enjoy a well organized and smooth daily life.


We have the answers to your questions. Don't hesitate to contact us to get all the essential answers to your questions.

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