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Andorra is a European country that is not a member of the European Union. However, it has signed a monetary agreement with the EU to use the euro as its official currency. As a result of this agreement, it has the ability to issue its own euro coins. Located between France and Spain, this country attracts people for the high quality of life it offers.

With a low tax rate and a maximum VAT rate of 4.5%, the Principality offers many opportunities, whether it be for employment contracts or for setting up a business. If you have decided to move here, you may wonder if it would be possible to renovate or furnish your house yourself once in the Principality. 

What is the price of home furnishings on the Andorran market? In this small country which is not a member of the European Union, is it possible to find good deals? What about VAT? How is the Andorran market of home supplies? These are some of the questions that could be asked. 

Expatriation: more than a move

The quality of life offered by the Principality of Andorra is one of the most important reasons why expatriates choose to settle here. A pioneer in the technological revolution, the country benefits from fiber optic internet access. For a small fee, your company can enjoy up to 1 Gbps of symmetrical Internet through Andorra Telecom. So many reasons to convince you to expatriate there. 

Moving to another country is not just about moving. If you have decided to create your business in Andorra or to spend your retirement there, it may be necessary to consider a renovation, sometimes even a complete restoration of your new home. It also depends on the duration of your contract. In this case, you should think about buying equipment on the Andorran market. The least information will be necessary. 

Have the right addresses to furnish your home

Furnishing your home remains essential when you are expatriated for a long period of time or permanently. There is nothing like feeling at home, even abroad! Even if Andorra is part of the smallest state in Europe, it gathers a large number of decoration companies. To find your way around and get the best prices, it is best to have the right addresses. The service of an expert can be recommended. 

If we talk for example about the period of sales in Andorra, there is no specific regulation in this country. However, it lasts 6 months per year, 3 months in winter and 3 months in summer.

In Andorra, the price in EUR of the goods on the market remains unbeatable. You will enjoy shopping with a very low VAT. The products offered in most of its stores have a maximum VAT rate of 4.5%. This is called IGI or the general rate in Andorra, if it is known by the VAT in France. However, it would be fair to mention that above a certain amount, some items may pay taxes, as in the case of tobacco or perfume.


Have access to a network of experts to renovate or do work in your future home in Andorra

For your new home project in Andorra, you can use the services of a professional decorator for your bedroom, kitchen and other rooms. This expert will think about every detail: revision of the electricity and gas system of your house, renovation of rooms and bathrooms, installation of an Internet connection, etc.

Where to buy home equipment in Andorra? In order for your living environment to provide the necessary comfort, it must be equipped with the essential items. Whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room or living room, buying a house or a dock in your new country of residence may require some work to be done. To equip a house, shopping for supplies is a must. You can trust the company to purchase all the equipment and items you will need.

Realize your expatriation project without further delay!

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FEDA Andorre

Apart from home equipment, it is best to plan for other details.  In the case of electricity, for example, there are companies like EDF, but the electricity company in Andorra is called FEDA (Forces électriques d’Andorre). The cost of its energy offers is around 1,44 euros per kWh. This is information that you will probably not have from the first day, unless you are accompanied by an expert. This will prevent you from any kind of bad surprises.

Depending on your description, the location, the space available and the type of decoration you want, he will be able to find you good items. His main objective is to give shape to your project thanks to the set of home supplies he will select.

The support of our gestoría

The offers of our Gestoria are mainly centered on the accompaniment to the expatriation and the creation of company in Andorra. We take care of all the administrative aspects: application for Andorran residency, execution of various procedures, etc. We master the aspects of the Andorran administrative system. But not only that! We are able to assist you in more practical aspects, including the purchase of household supplies on the Andorran market.

Furniture, decoration, household linen, carpets, storage, kitchen utensils, DIY, outdoor equipment, lighting or outdoor decoration, acquire the best home supplies to equip your new residence. Our network partners comply with your description and instructions. They also align themselves with the amount allocated to your project. In order to take advantage of well-considered advice and have all the essential information to better equip your home in Andorra, we are able to accompany you and put you in touch with the best professionals in the sector.


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