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Once you leave your home country for an expatriation, France or elsewhere, you lose your Social Security rights. You must therefore think about insurance offers in your new host country. They will cover you in the event of a trip abroad, a possible accident at work or on the road, etc. What insurance is required in the Principality? What about the reimbursement of the complementary health care mutual insurance?

"Traditional" insurance in Andorra: home & car

Only 2 hours drive from Toulouse, Andorra is one of the most popular destinations in the world for the French. If you are flying from outside of Europe, for example from Canada, you will need to allow more than 12 hours to get to Andorra la Vella from Ottawa. Before moving to Andorra, you should consider the insurance options available in this small state located between France and Spain. 

In Andorra, home insurance is mandatory for both the owner and the tenant. Andorran law does indeed impose a minimum coverage. As is the case in all European Union countries, car insurance is also required. The price of a car insurance in this country can be influenced by different criteria. These include car model, engine type, brand and the age of the driver. 

The complementary mutual insurance for a complete reimbursement of health care

Regarding the reimbursement of health insurance and social coverage in the Principality of Andorra, the country has adapted a particularly simplified system. All the procedures are centralized in one institution, the CASS. This is the social security fund in Andorra. This body handles all claims for medical expenses.

Remboursement complet des soins de santé Andorre

If you are employed in Andorra, you should know that subscribing to the CASS is compulsory for all employees as well as for entrepreneurs. If you are retired, it depends on whether you have worked in the Principality. If you are retired and have a passive residence, you will need to take out insurance.

For all people with an Andorran residence, health coverage is covered at a rate ranging from 75 to 100% depending on the case. It is 100% in the case of an accident at work for example. However, a small precision is necessary. This plan can only be effective through a preferential route. In this case, the insured must be examined by a general practitioner or a doctor who treats the patient. If this is not possible, supplementary insurances come into play. Here, we can mention complementary health insurance companies such as DKV CASS, Créditsalut, Crédit PIAM and others.

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A gestoria accompanies you in the process

The administrative procedures related to insurance are not always easy in a foreign country. Especially as in Andorra where the official language is Catalan. The role of our Gestoria is indeed to assist you in the procedures of insurance subscription with the concerned company and the approved partners.

Our team will be available to provide you with all the information you need. Our services cover various aspects of your expatriate life in Andorra. We can help you apply for your Andorran residence permit, take care of your insurance application, etc.

We can even assist you in organizing your living space, finding your new apartment, preparing your business creation file, and this, whatever your activity… We make sure that you comply with all the requirements of each dedicated institution.


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