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Many French people who have visited Andorra have fallen in love with it. If you are one of those people who wish to settle in the Principality and buy a residence there, you must gather all the necessary information to make this project a reality. Compared to other European countries such as France and Spain, the advantage of buying real estate in Andorra is its very advantageous tax system. The procedures related to all real estate acquisitions are also facilitated.

Buying real estate in this micro-state located in the Pyrenees

Buying a home in the Principality of Andorra remains interesting for several reasons. Acquiring real estate in Andorra is made easier due to its very low tax rate. With an efficient banking system, your real estate investments will also be secure. 

Real estate prices in Andorra 

The price of real estate in Andorra varies according to different criteria. You can have a price per parish, depending on the standing of the apartment, a price depending on the area concerned, but also based on the position of the apartment in the building, sunlight exposure, etc.

Real estate investment in this country

Individuals and companies can easily consider investing in real estate in Andorra. A particularly attractive VAT and tax system are the first reasons that persuade. The cost of living is also affordable. Without being a resident, you can perfectly buy a property on the Andorran territory. 

Gestoria will be happy to assist you with the real estate agencies. She can assist you in the procedures and operations with your bank. She can also put you in touch with experts, such as a notary or a lawyer, or another agent. She intervenes in the whole of your relocation project in Andorra, even in your investments, real estate or not. So don't hesitate to call on her services!

Real estate in Andorra: taxes and various expenses 

If you want to find a property to buy in the Principality of Andorra, it is quite normal to wonder about the types of real estate taxes and property taxes and their respective amounts. Also, you should anticipate certain costs associated with your real estate purchase.

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Real estate tax in Andorra

The purchase of a property in Andorra is subject to the ITP. This is a capital gains tax on the transfer of real estate assets at a rate of 4% of the price of the property. It will be split between the government and the parish in which the property is located. You will have to pay it when you sign the deed of sale with a notary.

It would be fair to point out that in Andorra there is no real estate transfer tax. The property tax is calculated according to the rental value of the house and depends on each parish. A condition that you can do without if your property is used only at certain times of the year.

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Notary fees

Buying a property in Andorra will be done under the supervision of a notary. Among other things, the notary will be present at the signing of the deed of sale. Note that the notary fees will be charged to the buyer. They are essentially based on a certain percentage of the sale price of the property.

Fees related to the real estate agency’s services are also to be expected. They are approximately 5 to 10% of the sale price of the building.

Conditions for buying a property in Andorra

The Andorran law imposes some conditions for the purchase of a property in the Principality. Among others, you must respect some of the following stipulations:

  • Apply to the Andorran government for a foreign investment permit for the real estate sector if you do not have a residence in Andorra;
  • Open a bank account in one of the Andorran banks;
  • Pay the deposit;
  • Proceed to the regularization of the purchase with a notary;
  • Pay the taxes and general expenses related to this real estate acquisition.

Services of a Gestoria, a complete accompaniment for your real estate projects

Don’t forget that a firm specialized in expatriation assistance can help you with a real estate agency. But they do not only intervene in the administrative aspect. They can also help you find the property that meets your expectations by acting as an intermediary between the needs of expatriates and the properties presented by the partner real estate agency concerned.

To meet your requirements, a gestoria can have access to exceptional properties that are particularly coveted. However, they are not yet on the Andorran real estate market. This represents a privilege, and where you will have the time to make your choice quietly, while benefiting from the advice of a gestoria.

Whether you are looking to invest in real estate, rent an apartment or buy a new house, a Gestoria is available to accompany you. With the wide range of properties in Andorra, you are spoilt for choice.


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