Demande de résidence en Andorre

The application for residence in the context of an expatriation to Andorra

Andorra's assets are the variety of its landscapes, the quality of air, an optimized security, a stable economy and a particularly high standard of living. It is therefore not surprising that the Principality attracts foreigners, whether they come from France, Spain or other countries around the world. To be able to live in Andorra, whether permanently or temporarily, you need a residence permit. What are the requirements? What type of residence is appropriate for you? What are the procedures for applying for residency with the Andorran government? What is the immigration system like in this small country of 468 km located in Europe, but which is not part of the European Union?

Choose your type of residence in Andorra: the essential preliminary step

As a French, Belgian, Spanish or other non-Andorran national, you must apply for a residence permit before you can come and live in Andorra. As the Principality offers you several residence options, choosing the type that suits your situation is the first step in your immigration project.

Whether you decide to live in Andorra to work or to reside here for non-profit purposes, there are types of residences adapted to each case.

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Active or working residence

An active residence is intended for employees, self-employed persons, investors and any person wishing to carry out a lucrative activity in the Principality. It is divided into several categories: own account residence, work residence, etc.

This type of residence allows you to carry out an economic activity in Andorra. Obtaining it depends mainly on the fact that the resident can prove that they have sources of income from an economic activity that they will carry out in the Principality. 

Passive residence

If, on the other hand, you wish to immigrate to Andorra without any lucrative activity, you have the option of passive residence. For this, you have 3 categories to consider according to your situation: 

  • Passive residence category A

This type of residences is intended for people or families who wish to live in Andorra without being either employees or entrepreneurs. These people are not going to exercise any professional activity. We include in particular the retired people in this category.

  • Passive residence category B

This passive residence is for people with an international activity. However, they do not receive income in the Andorran territory. 

  • Passive residence category C

This category of Andorran residence is for internationally recognized personalities. They can be actors of the cultural field, high level athletes, renowned scientists, etc. 

Work permit 

(1) A work permit allows an Andorran resident to enjoy several advantages. Among other things, it offers access to social security in Andorra. It also offers tax exemption and the possibility of repatriating the family to the Principality. 

Who is eligible for a work permit in Andorra? It is available to foreigners wishing to create a company in Andorra and to self-employed persons.

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Passive residence & active residence: different approaches 

Submitting the application for residency in Andorra varies according to its type. Professionals and individuals can decide to be guided to avoid complex procedures.

démarches différentes pour obtenir une résidence passive & active

Conditions to meet to apply for Andorran active residence

The status of active residents will be granted to all persons with an immigration permit in the context of a professional activity. It can be an employee or a company manager. 

The employee will be required to present a contract of employment in the Principality before obtaining a residence permit in Andorra.  The entrepreneur will have to present a foreign investment authorization, among other things, to be able to create a company in Andorra. It is also essential that the entrepreneur establishes a permanent residence in the country. As for the foreign investor in a company in Andorra, it must hold at least 20% of the shares and be part of the Board of Directors. 

In the case of active residence, there are also economic conditions to be met, especially for investors. The investment must be at least 350,000 euros, whether it is a real estate property, an asset in Andorra or other. A deposit of 47,500 euros must be made with the AFA or the Andorran Financial Authority. If the investor has dependents, an additional 9,500 euros must be added for each of them. 

Among other things, you will have to provide medical evidence, a clean criminal record and an identity card proving that you are at least 18 years old. But for each residence permit, the papers that make up the file are different.

Conditions to be met to apply for Andorran passive residence

If for an active residence, the person concerned must spend at least 183 days in Andorra, it is reduced to 90 days per calendar year for a passive residence. The passive residence permit in Andorra is granted by the Government for a period of 2 years, renewable for 2, 3 and 10 years respectively. 

The procedures for applying for passive Andorran residence vary according to the category.

Résidence passive - Andorra

Passive House: Details to meet for Category A

For category A passive residence, you must have the financial sources required by the Principality. The resident wishing to apply for passive status is also required to invest a sum of at least 350,000 euros. They can make financial investments in various areas, such as real estate or assets, but only within Andorra.

Here are some of the documents to be gathered:

  • A valid passport;
  • An apostilled birth certificate;
  • A clean apostilled criminal record;
  • A certificate of worldwide health insurance subscribed with an insurance company;
  • A bank certificate with a deposit of 47,500 euros and 9,500 euros for each family member you will be supporting;
  • Demonstrate economic resources greater than, at least, 4 times the average income in Andorra;
  • Have an Andorran address.

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Conditions for category B

The resident must have a lucrative international activity. Nearly 85% of the turnover must be generated outside Andorra. The documents to be gathered are more or less the same as those for category A.

Clauses to consider for category C 

Athletes, scientists, artists and other international personalities are required for this type of residency. For this, you must have international recognition, and present your titles as athletes or artists. In other words, anything that demonstrates your international aura.

Residency file, the complexities not to be overlooked

The file to prepare in the case of an application for Andorran residency can be complex when you are not familiar with the country’s administrations. The steps to take with the different institutions involved are actually done in Catalan, the official language in Andorra. If you don’t speak this language, taking the necessary steps to become a resident can be a complex process.

To obtain a work permit, you must present a work contract of indefinite duration. This document will validate the work visa. Other documents will also be required, namely the applicant’s complete identity, details of his or her profession and an extract from the criminal record. The file to be gathered is not easy. Therefore, the best solution to ensure the smooth running of your immigration application in Andorra is to be accompanied by a professional.

Another detail that you must also take into consideration is that the procedures related to an Andorran residency application are not done remotely. You will have to go to Andorra to carry out each of the procedures. This can be a very expensive task, not to mention the time you would have to spend on this project. If you use a Gestoria, you will not have to take care of all this.

Why should Gestoria accompany you in the residency application process?

With the help of a local advisor, the procedures for applying for Andorran residency could be simplified and optimized. The services of a Gestoria allow you to benefit from several advantages. Obtaining your residence, whether active or passive, will be simplified. You will not have to worry about anything. You will just have to provide the supporting documents and the requested documents. To be able to live in Andorra and take full advantage of the low taxes and the high quality of life that the Principality has to offer, you have to meet different requirements. Among the different types of residences, get advice from an expert to make the best choice.

With one of the best health insurance and coverage in the world and a very advantageous tax situation, Andorra offers an exceptional living environment. Andorra is a privileged destination to expatriate if you do not wish to move away from Europe, while enjoying a real change of scenery. Andorra, this small state located between France and Spain, offers an ideal environment to live in good health and develop a lucrative activity in very good conditions. Take advantage of the services of our expatriation support firm to speed up your application for Andorran residency.


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