Vivre à la Montagne en Andorre

Living in the mountains in Andorra: preconceived ideas versus reality

Snowfall at high altitudes, isolation, winding roads and other dangers, there are many preconceived ideas that make us apprehensive about life in the mountains. When planning an expatriation to Andorra, these are some of the concerns you may have. What is it really like? What is mountain life like in Andorra?

A geographical location incomparable to the rest of the world

Andorra is a small country of 468 km² located in the heart of the Pyrenees between France and Spain. Andorra is made up of valleys lined with high mountains. Living in the mountains in Andorra is unlike anything you can experience elsewhere. In addition to the well-preserved nature, you can enjoy the fresh air and the vast, beautiful landscapes. This allows you to feel a deep sense of fulfillment and peace of mind.

Residents can enjoy an exceptional quality of air thanks to a preserved nature. No risk of feeling isolated. In the Principality of Andorra, the difference between the countryside and the city is difficult to distinguish. Each Andorran parish is less than ten minutes from the countryside and less than 30 minutes from the capital, Andorra la Vella.

Coma Pedrosa

Settle in the heart of nature while being close to the big cities

Qualified as a high mountain region, its mountain ridges form impressive crests. The Coma Pedrosa peak, which rises to 2,943 meters above sea level, is one of the highest geographical points in the Principality of Andorra. The country offers an exceptional landscape embroidered with countless panoramic views. But, contrary to what one might think, it is not living away from everything. This is not the case in Andorra. Even in the heart of nature, you are never far from the city. You can have everything nearby: hospitals, shopping centers, schools, etc.

Depending on the type of residence you choose, you can also take advantage of many benefits in Andorra during your stay. Whether you want to work there, start a business or spend your vacations, living in the mountains can only be good for you.

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ski Andorre

Enjoy various sports activities and clean air

Living in the mountains also means the possibility of practicing various sports activities, both in summer and in winter. And in Andorra, you will be spoiled. Skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing near Canillo, 4×4 tours to the summit of Pic Negre and many others, you will have plenty of choice.

In Andorra, there are many protected areas, which allows you to enjoy a healthy and unpolluted environment. The country remains ideal for maintaining good health, besides the fact that it offers many suitable settings for sporting activities.

Life in the mountains is not always what you might think: cold, very winding roads, danger, etc. In Andorra, most roads run through the heart of the valley. To ensure the safety of motorists, they are extremely well maintained.


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