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Finding a place to live in Andorra: a challenge to make your move a reality

Andorra is a great place to live. If you are among those who have decided to move there, finding a place to live is an essential step. An immigration project does not always imply the purchase of a property, so it is necessary to rent a house. There are many possibilities in Andorra. 

Housing is a crucial issue when you decide to move to Andorra with your family. How much is the rent? Which neighborhood should we choose? What would be the ideal parish to move to with your children?

Renting an apartment in the Principality: putting yourself in perspective

There are many reasons to move to Andorra: work, investment, one of the lowest taxes in the world, exceptional living environment, etc. In any case, you need to find an apartment or a house. During your stay in Andorra, you will undoubtedly need accommodation.

Andorre en matière d’immobilier

The specificities of Andorra in terms of real estate

In France, Belgium and Switzerland, for example, the price of the rent is calculated according to the surface, but this is not the case in Andorra. Already, the square meters advertised in the rental offers are not always exactly accurate. In Andorra, these square meter details usually include garages, gardens and verandas or terraces. This is a detail to keep in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Andorra does not have any regulations on energy performance either. The energy balance is not mandatory. You need to find out about the energy costs of rental properties in Andorra. Also, Andorran property owners appreciate it when future tenants have an Andorran bank account. This makes it easier for them to collect the rent. Moreover, it is not necessary to present a resident card, nor a tax notice, nor pay slips.

Housing search criteria specific to Andorra

In Andorra, finding a place to live is quite unique. The country has a unique concept of "countryside", as each of its cities is close to the capital. It usually takes only 30 minutes to get there. The criteria for choosing a house or an apartment to rent is therefore not the same as in France, Belgium or any other European country. 

Among the elements studied when looking for accommodation in the Principality, there is the sunshine factor. This will depend on the location of the property.

In any case, it is essential to narrow down your search for a house to rent in Andorra to save time. You can focus on : 

  • The type of accommodation and the profile of the property; 
  • The location of the apartment or house; 
  • The number of rooms desired; 
  • The presence or not of a parking lot;
  • The co-ownership charges;
  • The taxes applied in the parish concerned; 
  • The possibility of keeping pets or not;
  • The tranquility of the neighborhood. 

This list is not exhaustive and you may also have your own requirements.

Sant Julia de Loria

Choosing the right parish for your expatriation to Andorra

Before signing your lease contract, you must choose the parish that will meet your expectations for your expatriation project in Andorra. The Principality is divided into 7 parishes.

You will have Andorra la Vella, the capital. It remains the center of the country for various aspects, whether economic, administrative or political. It is also one of the largest cities in the country. You also have Escaldes-Engordany which is not far from Andorra la Vella. Ordino, Encamp, Canillo, La Massana or Sant Julia de Loria are all parishes that you can base your selection on.

Each one of them has its own assets. They have their own culture. Whether you want to live in the city or bathe in completely green spaces, you will have to choose the city that suits you. The first type coincides particularly with Andorra la Vella, while the second type represents many Andorran towns such as La Massana.

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The different ways to find an apartment or a house in the Principality

Although the steps involved in renting an apartment are not the same as in France or in another member state of the European Union, the means to find one are more or less the same.

Andorran real estate websites

The first and easiest method is to use the Andorran real estate websites. However, they are usually in Spanish or Catalan. They do not present very extensive offers either, as they are not able to cover the Andorran real estate stock.

Real estate agencies

In Andorra, to quickly find the property you need, there is nothing better than using the services of real estate agencies. Unlike in many other European countries, few individuals rent their property directly in Andorra without going through an agency. Although this can be more expensive, it is the fastest and most reliable way to find the house or apartment of your dreams.

Renting from one person to another: a rare method, even non-existent in the Principality

Renting real estate from one person to another is still very rare in Andorra, even for vacation rentals, although it is very common in France, for example. As for the cost of renting, the rental price varies considerably depending on the type of property, its specificities and its locality.

Rental Andorra: find the accommodation of your dreams with a Gestoria

Besides helping you with your application for tax residence in Andorra, a Gestoria will assist you in your quest to find the best accommodation in the city of your choice. As they have a very extensive network of partner real estate agencies, they can put you in touch with the relevant professionals.

Moreover, if you do not speak Catalan, the official language of the Principality of Andorra, you will benefit from the assistance of a multilingual team. You can actually have someone on site to visit the properties for you.


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