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Seeking the help of a dental surgeon can be necessary for regular check-ups or for an emergency. Expatriates do not always have the right references in a new country. Therefore, they need to be assisted in finding the right health professional. In the Principality of Andorra, it is not difficult to find a dentist.

A look at dental care in the Principality

In Andorra, dental offices offer the same quality of care as in all other European countries. The only difference is that they are very affordable. The price of care is indeed lower. However, Andorran dentists provide the same high quality of care as its health care system, which is ranked among the most efficient in the world.

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In this small landlocked country between France and Spain, you can enjoy the same care as anywhere else in Europe. And this in a modern setting equipped with sophisticated equipment. You can make appointments with a clinic in Andorra for : 

  • Prosthetic fitting ; 
  • Dental implants; 
  • Fractured teeth treatment;  
  • Care of severely decayed teeth; 
  • Urgent intervention in case of gum inflammation: 
  • Cosmetic surgery for complete dental reconstruction; 
  • Prevention of oral pathologies; etc.
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Find a French-speaking dentist

Contrary to what one might think, it is not as difficult to find a French-speaking dentist in Andorra. Although Catalan is the official language, there are many dentists in Andorra who speak French fluently.

Besides the language aspect, there are other criteria that can be considered when choosing a dentist. Proximity is the first one. There is nothing like choosing a health professional close to your home. You will be able to get there easily, especially in case of emergency.

Check their opening hours. You will be able to make an appointment easily. Different legal qualifications will have to be examined as well as their reputation. These missions will not be easy for a foreigner who has just arrived. That is why it is recommended to turn to a Gestoria.

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Entrust our Gestoria to find a dentist in Andorra

In a new country where you don’t necessarily have your marks, it would be a precious help to use the services of a Gestoria to easily find your dentist. You can always consult the internet, but it will take more time. You should know that it is increasingly difficult for dentists to receive new patients. There are many reasons for this: retirement, understaffing, etc. The shortage of dentists is not a recent reality and the Principality is not spared.

Collaborating with a very large network of partners, a Gestoria is able to help you in this quest. It can indeed help you find a competent dentist who can provide your dental care, whatever it may be. Besides saving time, you can also benefit from the best services.


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