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Find a pediatrician in Andorra to ensure the medical care of your children in your new country

If the protection of children's rights in Andorra has been proven, their health is not left out either. The small size of the country makes it easy to control and enforce the laws effectively. The country's tax system is also among the most reliable in the world. In terms of health, children living in the Principality must be followed by a pediatrician. A Gestoria can help its expatriates to find one according to their needs.

An important place for the pediatrician in the life of the newborn and children

Having benefited from specific training to ensure the medical care of a child, the pediatrician can accompany the child from birth. In a health system as efficient as Andorra's, this professional remains mandatory for children in the Principality. 

Unlike a general practitioner, a pediatrician has more specific qualifications for babies, children and teenagers up to the age of 16 or 17. A pediatrician can be an attending physician. They are available to examine newborns after delivery.

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Due to the mandatory medical examinations and monitoring after the birth of a baby, the care of a pediatrician is necessary. He will take care of all kinds of clinical examinations: 

  • Screening for diseases that may require early management (newborn screening); 
  • Monitoring of baby's health after 8 days, 2nd week, end of first month, etc. ; 
  • Mandatory and recommended vaccines; 
  • In case of fever or other ailments and discomforts.
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Finding a pediatrician who speaks French in Andorra, a real challenge

As you know, the official language in Andorra is Catalan. Finding a pediatrician in the Principality is already very difficult, but finding a pediatrician who speaks French is even more difficult. Many of these experts in children’s health are no longer accepting new patients.

While finding a pediatrician who speaks French or English can be complicated, it is not impossible. Using Gestoria’s network of partners, we are able to help you contact the specialist who can examine your child and ensure the medical care.

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Being accompanied on a daily basis by a Gestoria, a precious help

Taking care of children is not an easy task in itself. The difficulties can be multiplied when you have moved to a new country. To better take advantage of the benefits offered to families in the Principality of Andorra, the most thoughtful thing would be to be accompanied by a Gestoria. Besides taking care of the expatriation file, she can assist you on a daily basis.

Looking for a pediatrician? Need a nanny to take care of your children in your absence? A gestoria can find the professional who will meet your needs and is available to facilitate your new life in your country of expatriation to find housekeepers and landscapers, artisans, caterers, event organizers, etc.


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