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Find and hire the right interior designer in Andorra

During an expatriation in this country located between France and Spain, you may have bought a house. You probably want to renovate it to your taste. To do so, you can hire a competent interior designer. How to find one? Our Gestoria accompanies you in the smallest details. 

A professional to handle your interior design makeover 

Over the last few years, Andorra has become a very desirable country for citizens from all over the world. It attracts the interest of many nationalities, not only the French, Belgians or Spanish. This is due to its climate, its attractive tax system, its safety, its health care system and others. It is therefore not surprising that many foreigners choose this country as their home and decide to create their company here. 

Your new home's makeover by an expert 

If you are among those who have bought a house or an apartment in Andorra, and you want to update it, it is wiser to call an interior designer. As they master the skills required for this work, they will be able to give shape to your project. All the more so as you do not yet have all the necessary references once you have settled in your new country of residence. 

You can entrust an interior designer in Andorra with: 

  • Rearranging your interior spaces (creation of partitions, coordination of materials, etc.);
  • Improving your storage space;
  • Optimizing the space in each of your rooms; 
  • Arranging the colors to be in perfect harmony with your decor, etc. 

Unlike an interior decorator, an interior architect has the ability to rethink space ergonomics. The architect will, during the intervention, begin the project.

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Find an interior designer able to translate your ideas and inspirations

Most of the time, you can find a reliable interior designer by word of mouth. But, in a new country, one does not necessarily know many people. This can be a tricky task. However, as we have already mentioned above, an interior designer can be required to do some work, either demolition or creation. The choice of an interior designer is therefore not made by chance.

Opinions on the net can also be divergent. Doing your research online could therefore confuse you even more. The best option: rely on the recommendations of a Gestoria. In addition to accompanying you in your expatriation process, she can help you find the right professional to renovate your interior according to your expectations.

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Delegate finding an interior designer to a Gestoria

To benefit from a turnkey service in interior design, there is nothing like the intervention of an expert in the field. A Gestoria can help new expatriates to find the interior design professional they need.

This specialist will have to arrange your interiors according to your wishes while adjusting to your budget. Since the official language in Andorra is Catalan, it is possible that this expert does not necessarily speak French, but may speak Spanish as well as Catalan. The role of a gestoria is to intervene as an intermediary and to ensure the communication with the expert while taking care of the follow-up of the project.


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