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Personal services in Andorra, the intervention of our Gestoria

Andorra is qualified as one of the safest countries in the world. The tax system is also one of the most attractive in the world and it is not surprising that many Europeans decide to move there. Once settled in the Principality, nothing is better than a complete assistance, especially since Catalan and Spanish are the main languages spoken there. The role of a gestoria is to be available to assist you on a daily basis, not only in preparing your expatriation file.

Take advantage of personal services dedicated to the family

Moving to a new country is not always a pleasure, especially when you have to get back on your feet, not to mention certain procedures to access services. That's why it can be a great help to have people who accompany you on a daily basis. A gestoria can intervene to find you the required professionals. This can be in the area of personal services. 

Do you need a baby-sitter to look after your children at home or when you travel? Your children need a private lesson or school support? You can have competent experts in these fields by calling on a Gestoria. We put at your disposal trustworthy people to take care of your family on a daily basis in your new country of expatriation.

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Take advantage of personal services in everyday life

To optimize your time while ensuring a living space that is conducive to your development and that of all the members of your family, you can resort to personal services to take care of daily tasks. A Gestoria in Andorra also works to help clients in search of different specialists, such as housekeepers, landscapers, handymen and helpers.

If you call on these experts in personal services, which a Gestoria will be happy to find for you, you can unburden yourself:

  • From cleaning and maintenance of your home;
  • From the collection and delivery of ironed linen;
  • From gardening and maintenance of your green spaces;
  • From small daily tasks that do not require a lot of skills.

Home delivery of meals is also possible, as well as various errands and meal preparation.

Realize your expatriation project without further delay!

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Enjoy personal services for people who are dependent or have lost their autonomy

When expatriating with your parents, or while they are visiting you, you may also need assistance for the elderly. It can also be the case of a sick person or an individual with reduced mobility who needs home assistance.

These services essentially include monitoring medication, driving the person’s vehicle to various appointments (doctor’s office, administrative institution, beauty salon, airport, parks, etc.) and others.

Personal services for dependent persons may include grooming and care of their pets if they have them. Veterinary care is not included, however, nor is grooming. For this, the professional can take them to the vet.

Accompanying a Gestoria, ensuring a daily life in the best conditions

Whether it’s to help a person maintain their autonomy despite advancing age or to look after your children when you’re not around, human services can be a great help to you. Looking for a clean house when you come back from your work to get some rest? You will be able to find the specialists you need with the help of a Gestoria.

In a country where you have just settled, it happens that you do not have yet all the necessary information for the good progress of your days. We collaborate with a very large network of partners that it will not be difficult for us to meet your expectations. Asking for the accompaniment of a gestoria will allow you to save time and to enjoy a peace of mind.


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