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How to find a landscaper in Andorra?

Nature has endowed the Principality of Andorra with a lush setting. To blend in with this beautiful scenery, there is nothing like maintaining your garden and green spaces. If you don't have the time or the know-how to do it yourself, you can hire a landscaper. This professional does not only intervene within the scope of a new layout. They can also come to your home for maintenance services.

Garden maintenance by a landscaper in Andorra

Growing the emblematic flowers of the Pyrenees is not always easy. You should know that the Principality is home to no less than 1,100 species of plants. Besides being found throughout the mountains, valleys and on the shores of lakes, you can plant them at home, as long as you know how to do it. A landscaper is there to help you. 

As the snow begins to melt, you will soon discover a variety of flowers and plants, each as beautiful as the next. Here are some of the most famous ones in Andorra: 

  • The grandalla: a flower with six white petals. It has a red crown and a yellow center. It is the national symbol of the country. 
  • St. Anthony's laurel: this plant is said to have medicinal properties and is a wonderful addition to your garden. 
  • The dog tooth: native to the European mountains, this flower has inverted petals.
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Why hire a landscaper?

Having your garden maintained is a common practice. With our busy lives, we don’t always have the opportunity to take care of our gardens properly. However, a well-maintained outdoor space is a source of well-being. The landscaper is the right person to do it. He can come not only for a brand new layout, but also for simple maintenance.

By hiring such a professional, you will be sure to have a beautiful garden. Besides the landscaping work, he will know which plants are adapted to the Andorran climate. Depending on the type of garden you wish to have, he will also be able to advise and guide you. Within the framework of a relooking of your outside spaces, he will also have the skills to redesign your garden according to your wishes.

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A customized concierge service, dedicated to the organization of your daily life in Andorra

A Gestoria can help you find a qualified landscaper in your brand new country of residence. As part of a concierge service, they can actually take care of these details and help you facilitate your daily life.

Although in Andorra you can enjoy lush nature wherever you are, nothing beats greenery at home. A well-landscaped garden guarantees the well-being of the people living in your home. When you hire a qualified landscaper, you avoid all mistakes in the choice of plants. Although the garden is a landscaped area, it should remain as natural as possible.


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