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Living better in Andorra with concierge services

Daily routines are not always obvious. Even less so in a new country where you are still discovering everything and taking your bearings. To alleviate this situation and live a serene life once settled in Andorra, the services of a concierge can help you on a daily basis.

What does a concierge service really consist of?

A concierge service offers personal assistance to expatriates who have come to settle in Andorra. The objective is to take care of various daily life organizations. The concierge works to take care of all their daily worries.

For VIP services, she would even be able to take care of private jet rental, hotel or restaurant reservations, appointment booking for different service providers (beauty salon, health center, administrative or legal establishment...).

Some examples of concierge services offered by our Gestoria

Entretien maison

To get an idea of the services that a concierge can provide, we will mention a few examples. This team can provide qualified agents to assist expatriates in: 

  • Housekeeping, 
  • Pet sitting, 
  • Garden maintenance, 
  • DIY work, 
  • Appointments as mentioned above, 
  • Shopping, 
  • Catering services at home, 
  • Management of various subscriptions (internet, electricity, etc.), 
  • Represent them at syndicate meetings. 

Your daily life can only be made easier if you use the services of a concierge.

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Concierge services in Andorra: indispensable professionals to overcome the language barrier

When you arrive in a foreign country, you don’t necessarily speak the official language. In the Principality, although French is spoken, Spanish and Catalan are more common. For your daily needs, it is however essential to be understood. The role of a Gestoria is precisely to avoid this inconvenience.

If you have decided to move to Andorra, in this wonderful country bathed in an idyllic setting and a tax situation more than attractive, you must have a great project. It can be the creation of a company, an investment, to spend your retirement, etc. Free up time to focus more on your goals. Entrust the organization of your daily life to specialists.

With the concierge service, you can get help to quickly find a baby-sitter for your children or a nanny, a cleaning lady, a gardener, a health professional (dentist, pediatrician, general practitioner, etc.), an artisan and others.


Individualized support by our Gestoria

A concierge service is available to ensure that you settle in under the best conditions. As you discover your new environment, they are able to assist you in various aspects of daily life. To help you adapt quickly, they are there to find the professionals you need.

Have you ever imagined a day free of all kinds of constraints, and this, in a new country where you don’t yet feel at home? A Gestoria makes this dream come true. While it can be frustrating to organize your daily tasks in a foreign country, they will listen to your every need.


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