Garde d’enfants en Andorre

Childcare in Andorra, the choice of a competent and trustworthy person

The Principality of Andorra offers an ideal living environment for children to flourish. The climate is particularly pleasant all year round. The environment is healthy. The safety is excellent, with a crime rate of 0%. The health care system is among the most reliable in the world, which allows you to enjoy a very high life expectancy.

Having decided to expatriate with your family, you are probably wondering about the care of your children once they are settled. Don't panic, the goal of a Gestoria is to help you find a qualified and trustworthy person, competent to accompany your little ones daily.


The different childcare options in the Principality

As the apple of their eye, parents do not always find it easy to entrust their children to strangers. The issue of childcare remains a delicate one in the context of an expatriation, especially when they have to leave them to go to work. No need to worry about this in Andorra. The country has facilities adapted to babies and children. They will have the choice of having them cared for at home or in a daycare center. 

If your child is at least 3 months old, you can enroll them in a nursery for regular care. Daycare centers are generally open from 8:30 am to 6:30/7:00 pm. You have the option of half-day or full-day care, including lunch. However, it is also possible to opt for a baby-sitter to look after them at home in case of emergency or on a one-off basis.

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Advantages to enjoy if you have your children looked after in Andorra

Andorra is an ideal country for a better development of your children. If you have your children looked after by professionals when you are not there, you will be able to enjoy many advantages. In a foreign country, there is nothing better than being able to immerse yourself in the culture to quickly become familiar with it.

Your children can be looked after by native speakers who will be able to impregnate them little by little with the Andorran way of life. If and only if you wish, of course. They can also become multilingual if they are looked after by people who speak several languages. Remember that in Andorra, Catalan is the official language, but French, Spanish and Portuguese are also spoken.

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Our Gestoria at the service of expatriate parents in Andorra

There are several possibilities to take care of your children, even those who are still very young (from 3 months), so that you can concentrate entirely on your activities, the creation of your new business in Andorra, managing your company and other important missions. Also, when you are a young parent, it can be difficult to find time for two, or even just time for yourself. Especially since we often hesitate to hire a babysitter in a new country.

A Gestoria is there to help you find a professional babysitter. Finding a reliable person to look after your children is part of the services provided by our team. Whether it’s an evening for a dinner for two, a half-day for skiing, a weekend for a romantic getaway, the team will do everything possible to let you leave in peace and make sure your children in good hands.


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