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Delegate the cleaning and find cleaning professionals with a Gestoria

Hiring a cleaning lady to ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the house is a common practice that saves a lot of time. It will also provide you with more peace of mind during your day. Once settled in Andorra, you may need it. With the help of a Gestoria, you can easily find one.

Hiring a housekeeper in Andorra: the different options

To recruit a person capable of cleaning your home, you have two possibilities in the Principality.

Using a cleaning company

A cleaning company will provide you with agents who will take care of maintaining your home according to your needs. You will not have to deal with the administrative details related to their work contract or their pay. The company will take care of everything for you and let you enjoy cleaning services that meet your requirements.

Hiring someone to clean your home

You can also hire a cleaning lady without going through an agency. In Andorra, you can easily find a full-time or part-time housekeeper. For this purpose, there is the possibility of going through the classified ads to find one. The housekeeper will be paid according to the number of hours worked per week. This option implies administrative steps unlike hiring a cleaning company.

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Different advantages of hiring a qualified person to clean your home

With all the different activities in your daily life, work and children, it can be difficult to make time for housework. However, cleaning is beneficial for the whole family. Hiring an agent to clean your house can take the burden off your shoulders and free up time for other more important tasks. 

Delegating your house cleaning has many advantages. This alternative allows you to: 

  • Free up more time to enjoy your family or to focus on your activities;
  • To enjoy a clean and tidy environment;
  • To maintain your furniture and decorative accessories, etc. 
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Assistance of a Gestoria to its expatriates for personal services

With the very extensive network of service providers, Gestoria can simplify all the steps related to the hiring of a cleaning agent in Andorra. Gestoria can also help you find the ideal profile of a cleaning agent who will meet your expectations.

To guarantee you a better installation in the Principality, a Gestoria will be able to provide you with a concierge service including various personal services, such as cleaning. Besides their intervention on your expatriation file, they will accompany you in various aspects of your daily life. Their objective is to allow you to enjoy a serene installation in perfect comfort.


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