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Using the services of a nurse in Andorra: when, how and where?

The quality of its health care system is one of the reasons why the Principality of Andorra is an ideal place to start a new life. In this extraordinary little state located between France and Spain, residents can actually enjoy some of the best healthcare in the world. The World Health Organization describes its life expectancy as high.

The SAAS, a structure that provides regular care for the whole family

As is the case in the majority of European countries, such as Belgium, France or Spain, Andorra has a compulsory public health system where all active residents can receive the care they need. Nursing care is available in Andorra, either at home or at the parapublic SAAS center. 

This institution aims to make the resources necessary to optimize the health of the Andorran population effective, whether they are active residents or individuals who are just passing through the territory. It sets up an organization allowing to facilitate the care and to make it benefit everyone. It also ensures the quality of health care.

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Home care nurses: an excellent alternative for post-hospital care at home

Home care and follow-up by a nurse may be required following a hospitalization. Elderly people may also need regular care and medical follow-up. A registered nurse is the person qualified to do this.

The health care system in Andorra is based on the freedom to choose your general practitioner. You will be able to decide on the medical team that will accompany you in the office or at home. To benefit from post-hospital care with complete peace of mind, you must take the time to choose the right health care professional. This is not always easy when you are in a foreign country.

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A nurse can provide curative, preventive or palliative care. Her intervention is usually under the prescription of an attending physician. As this is a job that requires a lot of patience, vigilance and skills, you will have to choose carefully. From dressings and infusions to monitoring medication and hygiene care, a nurse’s duties are very broad. It should be a person you can trust.

A Gestoria is there to advise you, give you all the necessary information, plan your appointments and find you a nurse for your home care. Her team is responsible for providing you with serious, caring and attentive nurses.


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